Project Description

Match Details

Where: Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club

When: Wednesday  July 18th / 25th 

Match Fee: $20

Format: 3 Gun : Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun

Divisions: All UML Divisions

Rules: UML 

Registration: Walk On



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Match Sponsors

  • Hawkeye Ordnance Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor
  • Atlas Gunsworks Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor

Match Brief

HAWKEYE IGNITE MATCHES are held at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club.  Their MINI-3-GUN MATCHES are held on Wednesday nights and usually have 3-4 stages.  Setup begins 4:00 PM, shooter registrations begins at 5 PM, match begins at 6 PM (if set-up is complete), the match fee is $20  It is always recommended to bring 100 rounds for each gun plus 10 slugs (NO STEEL CORE AMMO).  Match contacts are Mark Stevens and Connor Speiss