Project Description

Match Details

Where: Forest Lake Sportsmans Club

When: Sunday, December 13th 2015
Gates open at 0830

Flight 1: Sign-in and RO meeting 0900, Meeting at 0930, Live 1000
Flight 2: Sign-in 1230 and RO Meeting, Meeting at 1300, Live 1330

Where: Forest Lake Sportsman’s Club, Gate #2 parking lot

Format: Multigun : Pistol / Rifle

Divisions: All mn3gungroup divisions


Registration: We encourage advance registration on Practiscore


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Available Targets Per Lap


Match Course

Match Sponsors

Match Brief

Rules:Standard MN 3-Gun rules apply except as noted in this addendum and stage descriptions

Divisions: This is a rifle and pistol match. All standard 3-gun divisions are recognized.

Match procedure: A shooter’s meeting will be held in a designated parking lot on the premises. During said meeting shooters will be assigned a starting point on the course. Once the shooter’s meeting is adjourned, leaving the designated parking lot is the initiation of the match. At that time, participants must have any and all equipment they wish to use for the duration of the match on or about their person. This includes, but is not limited to: firearms, ammunition, magazines, load-bearing equipment, food, fluids, optics, clothing, and eye/ear protection. Once a shooter initiates the match, returning to the parking lot will nullify their eligibility to score any more points. An exception will be made for missing or faulty safety equipment but the participant will be assessed a procedural penalty deduction of 2 points. Participants will proceed to their assigned start points, and begin shooting at a designated time announced in the shooters meeting.  Shooters will shoot the stage, in the order that they arrive, show clear to the RO, vacate the firing line, and proceed to the next stage while following the designated course. The participant will shoot the next challenge in the order that they arrive…so on and so forth. Shooters must shoot stages in the order they are laid out on the course and shooters may not choose to skip a stage. Participants have 2 hours to accrue as many points as possible without shortcutting or leaving the course. The participant with the most points, wins the match.

Shooting Procedure: Shooter will reset the course (if applicable), and make ready upon RO’s prompt. Upon the start signal, the shooter will have 20 seconds (rifle) or 10 seconds (pistol) to hit as many targets as possible. They will show clear, receive their score, and vacate the firing line. Only one firearm will be required to complete any one stage. Static targets will only score for one hit. Falling steel must fall to score.

Point values are as follows:

Lap 1- 25 points per target hit

Lap 2- 15 points per target hit

Lap 3- 10 points per target hit

Lap 4+…- 5 points per target hit.

Physical Challenges will be optional for added bonus point value.

-Participants are not required to wear all equipment at all times, but they must carry everything under their own power from stage to stage. Spent cartridges, cartridge packaging (ie boxes), and food/drink packaging are the only items a participant is allowed to abandon on the course (in proper receptacles). All other items must be retained.

-Rules pertaining to safe gun handling, transportation, and ammunition handling in the MN3-gun rule book apply. Long guns may be slung or cased. Pistols must be holstered or cased.

-Mechanical transportation is not allowed.

-The match will be run in two flights so volunteers may participate in the opposite flight.

-Arrival ties will be settled with standard rock/paper/scissors- best 2 out of 3.