They were 3-gun before 3-gun was cool. Long considered the premium in match grade performance, JP rifles are the premium standard by which all match grade AR rifles are judged. Originating from innovative ideas and crafted from the finest materials with the strictest attention to detail- JP’s are some of the best semi-custom rifles money can buy. JP pioneered and/or perfected concepts such as low mass bolt carriers, adjustable gas blocks, compensators, thermal dissipaters, side charging receivers, and silent capture buffer springs for mainstream competition use. With roots stretching back the original Soldier of Fortune multigun competitions, there is no deeper base of knowledge or longer standing support of 3-gun shooting than that of the folks at JP. Available as complete rifles, complete uppers, stripped chassis, or individual parts, JP defines performance in precision action rifles. It is hard to find a top competitor at any major event that is not using at least one JP part in their rifle.

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