Hawkeye Ordnance Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor

3 Gun Gear Reviews, Modifications and Life. That is what we do!

3 Gun Gear Reviews: 

The Hawkeye Ordnance Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor website, Facebook PageYoutube Channel and other assets are riddled with 3 gun gear reviews and recommendations to get you started in 3 gun.

3 Gun Modifications:

After you have selected the perfect 3 gun pistol, 3 gun rifle or 3 gun shotgun we would be honored to make the necessary modifications to make it 3 gun ready.

Once you are spoiled rotten by your Hawkeye Ordnance Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor Competition Glock we encourage you to come back and let us build you one for every day carry and home defense.

3 Gun Gear Life: 

For Hawkeye Ordnance Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor 3 Gun transcends hobby and becomes something of a way of life. Shooting, training, physical fitness, mental toughness, nutrition, travel and above all the awesome people become the focus. Obligations are met as a means to get back to work on the sport we have come to love.

Hawkeye Ordnance Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor is a full service gun shop for every type of shooter. We stock many major brands of new and used firearms. If it is not in stock Hawkeye Ordnance can find any firearm you are looking for and transfer it directly to your Favorite FFL. If stock guns are not your thing Hawkeye Ordnance specializes in custom firearm builds.

We are also well known for firearm repairs and custom modifications to popular guns. We are all shooters at Hawkeye Ordnance and we love the sport. We only stock products that we use and can vouch for after we have personally punished them.