About Adam

I’ve always had a fascination with firearms from a very young age. I got into shooting and the shooting sports the same way many people do- through hunting. As time went on though, I realized I was more interested in challenges in marksmanship than the actual pursuit of wild game and my shooting focus is now almost entirely shifted toward competition shooting. I shot on many club trap and skeet teams in my teen years and was very successful in that arena. My first exposure to practical shooting was on TV with a show called American Shooter (still on the air under a different name) when I was about 14 years old and from then on I was hooked. I didn’t know when or how or if I would ever be any good, but I had to get into practical shooting. On my 21st birthday I bought a Springfield TRP 45ACP 1911 and dove into IDPA and it wasn’t long before I was active in USPSA and 3-Gun as well. Professionally I have a B.S. degree spanning agricultural sciences and agribusiness. I have worked in a variety of commercial farming roles across the country and currently have began working in the firearms and accessories industry.