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About Atlas Gunworks Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor : 

In 2009 I found USPSA. I was hooked after the first match. I shot limited division, first with a Sig and then upgraded to a Glock 35. Like most new shooters I was a gun guy, and had many opinions. I really didn’t know much about shooting, or what was really important in a gun. It was not long before I knew I would need a 2011. I bought a well used STI Edge from the USPSA classifieds. Within a couple matches the gun had problems, so I bought another gun used (very high-end, non-STI gun), this time from Enos classifieds. I made it to nationals that year and the second gun had hammer follow at the chronograph. It also failed me one more time during that match. I decided a brand new gun was the solution to the problem, but didn’t have a clue where to get a good one. I was talking with Tod West (a machinist buddy of mine) telling him how long I had to wait for a gun. He said “Let’s build one,” and so we built a 6in limited gun. The gun ran perfectly, so Tod built me a couple more and I never had to wait.

In 2012 we explored the idea of gun building. So many other builders were building guns at the $3000 price range we decided that the market opportunity was limited.

In the fall of 2013 I got a Phoenix Trinity steel grip. Tod quickly fit that grip to my match gun. Everyone who shot that gun was amazed by how the steel grip improved the gun. We came to understand how much steel and aluminum grips are game changers for the platform.

Early in the shooting season (2014) my training partner had a brand new $4000 open gun. The first day on the range with a brand new gun it had problems. At the time Al Zitta (Z) lived a couple of towns over. Al has been building guns for 30 years , his guns have won countless matches at all levels. The problem gun went to Al and a couple hours later it was in good working order. My partner called me from his truck after leaving Al’s place, and said “I understand the difference between a $4000 gun and a $5000 gun.”

Atlas Gunworks Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor was born in that moment.

Tod and I revisited the gun building equation, with a different view. What if we build ultra premium guns and charged a little more but could make them the best guns possible?

Tod spent some time with Al in the summer of 2014 building guns the Z way (super old school with 30 years of experience).

Tod and I then formed Atlas Gunworks Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor and seek everyday to make the best guns with lots of old school techniques and every bit of innovation that we can discover.