Ignite’s Match Philosophy

As we settle in to the deep freeze that brings another year of 3-gun to a close, we look ahead to a very full calendar of action for next year. Many of those events are claimed by this new entity which calls itself Hawkeye Ignite. As more and more matches and clubs sprout up across the country, and in the upper mid-west specifically, some may ask what is Ignite and what does it add to the already vibrant action shooting community? The simple answer is that Ignite fills a void. The community has grown in size and appetite, and so too have ranges become eager to host more action shooting events.

“It would be cool to do a stage like____.” or “Someday we should do a match where____.” These ideas are the inspiration from which Ignite was born.

The insurgence of new life blood into the shooting sports has also expanded the vision of what the sport can or could be. We are very blessed to have a solid foundation, a refined sense, and proven formula for 3-gun events in the Upper-Midwest. On the periphery of this however, there are always ideas. “It would be cool to do a stage like____.” or “Someday we should do a match where____.” These ideas are the inspiration from which Ignite was born. We are not out to simply add more of the same to the calendar; we are out to bring these fringe ideas into the light, to push the limits, and expand the format to accommodate new or desired multigun niches.

We seek to grow and expand action shooting as an athletic sport. While all action shooting does have tactical roots, we do not consider our matches to be tactical, defensive, or militarized in any way. Just as Olympic Biathlon today has little resemblance of the military exercise it evolved from decades ago, so do we view the sport of action shooting. We see every shooter as an athlete seeking to propel projectiles toward targets in the pursuit of perfection in speed and accuracy. Any tactical resemblance or application is simply by coincidence or for amusement.

For these reasons, we don’t try to be particularly realistic in our target presentations. We seek to use any and all unconventional means to present challenging targets that push oneís individual marksmanship. If there is a way to safely and consistently score a target presentation it is potentially on the table. We also tend not to use humanoid targets. This is mostly because they are too large in size and shooters are too comfortable their scoring zones from participation in other shooting disciplines for them to be as challenging as we prefer.

It is based on these principles that Ignite presents its unique flavor of events. There is 3-man which is an exercise in team work. There are shoot-offs which are head to head bracket style matches as seen on television. Then there is Trekker which is as much a test of physical conditioning as it is marksmanship. Ignite seeks to bring these and more unique spins on the conventional game weíve all come to love into the mainstream of club level matches. Come join us as we find new thrills in the adrenaline soaked world that is Mid-Western Action Shooting.