Weber Tactical MN 3 Gun Sponsor

We started Weber Tactical MN 3 Gun Sponsor in 2011 because we couldn’t find a custom kydex holster that we really liked. We just wanted to make a holsters that looked great and ran perfect. What began as a hobby; quickly grew to a business that now employs 5 people right here in our community – St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

As we began to grow in the LE and EDC world we also recognized an opportunity within the military and action shooting communities. Today we are proud to outfit and serve elite shooters in law enforcement, the military, the special operations community, USPSA, IDPA and 3 Gun.
Weber Tactical is many things, but above all we are:
  1. Pro 2A
  2. Pro LEO
  3. Pro Military
  4. Pro America

We believe in customer service, Made in America, and innovation on behalf of those that rely on their holster for their lives and their livelihoods. Thanks for the opportunity to earn your business.

Adam Weber
Weber Tactical MN 3 Gun Sponsor