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3-Gun Nation Pro Series Throwback Match

The 3-gun Nation Pro series. Like it, love it or hate it, the Pro series was one of the biggest atomic bombs ever to be dropped on the sport of 3-gun. When 3GN launched the Pro Series onto the world it burned hot and it burned fast. A pioneer attempt to bring the outlaw sport of action shooting to a palatable for TV format. In its wake, the world of shooting sports would never be the same.

A quick history lesson for those just joining us. In 2013 3-Gun Nation announced an new invitation-only series of matches that would culminate in their infamous shoot-off for the coveted $50,000 cash prize. 3-Gun as it existed on the outlaw circuit was hard to film and even harder to make appear as impressive as it really is. Set to air on NBC Sports that fall, they brought the targets in close, made them bright colors, even designed their own bullseye style target (the smallest official paper target in action shooting competition) and were set to thrust 3-gun out onto the world as the professional sport it aught to be…and then Sandy Hook happened.

One of the many lasting effects of Sandy Hook on the SHOT Industry was 3GN getting canceled from NBC Sports and thrust back onto smaller outdoor cable networks. What shooters consider the golden era of the Pro Series lasted for two years- one on the road and the other completely hosted in Tulsa Oklahoma- before the realities of media marketing and a changing audience forced the Pro Series to evolve into the eliminator format that it has become today.

Remembered fondly by those who were there and envied by those who watched it from the sidelines, there has always been a cry out for a 3-Gun Nation Pro Series throwback match. Well, at Ignite we bring the people what they want. We called our friends over at 3GN and had them dig deep into the archives and send us the real, the true, the original Pro Series stages…and for a short time- July 12, 2017- the golden age of the Pro Series will live again at the Forest Lake Sportsman’s Club.

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