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We are incredibly proud to represent the following companies. Each one of them is an amazing company and a 3 Gun Minnesota Sponsor. Please support them when you are considering a purchase. If you are interested in becoming a 3 Gun Minnesota Sponsor email mark@hawkeyesyndicate.com.

  • MN 3 Gun Sponsor

Weber Tactical MN 3 Gun Sponsor We started Weber Tactical MN 3 Gun Sponsor in 2011 because we couldn’t find a custom kydex holster that we really liked. We just wanted to make a [...]

  • Hawkeye Ordnance Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor

Hawkeye Ordnance Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor 3 Gun Gear Reviews, Modifications and Life. That is what we do! 3 Gun Gear Reviews:  The Hawkeye Ordnance Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor website, Facebook Page, Youtube Channel and other assets [...]

  • Atlas Gunsworks Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor

Shop Atlas Gunworks Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor About Atlas Gunworks Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor :  In 2009 I found USPSA. I was hooked after the first match. I shot limited division, first with a Sig [...]

Obsidian Arms Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor About Obsidian Arms Minnesota 3 Gun Sponsor: We make our products so that the people that serve our country and community have the tools to get home at [...]

Shooters Source Mn 3 Gun Sponsor Shooters Source Mn 3 Gun Sponsor is synonymous with 3 Gun - they are where the Best in 3 Gun Get Their Gear. Jeremy Moore, who is also [...]

HIPERFIRE is synonymous with innovation in AR-15 triggers. They make, arguably, some of the finest light touch triggers that deliver unsurpassed hammer fall energy. This combination allows for incredibly fast and accurate shooting without the [...]

Action shooting places very specific demands upon ammunition. Professionally loaded to the most exacting standards, ORM Tech’s Custom Competition Ammunition provides specialized performance that previously was only achievable through handloading. ORM offers many ammunition solutions [...]

In a very short time, The Force in Optics has become a serious force in 3-Gun. With strong products to fit just about any budget, Vortex Optics can be found atop many, if not most, [...]

Arnzen Arms is the well-lit personable gun store servicing the entire nation through their brick and mortar location in Eden Prairie Minnesota. Staffed by professional enthusiasts specializing in most any shooting discipline imaginable, Arnzen Arms [...]